Gang stalking (Graffiti’s… Rape & Hip-Hop Music Mafia), often accompanied by electronic harassment/electronic torture, is used to cause the physical or mental death of the target. The target is driven insane and commits suicide, collapses into a psychiatric patient, commits a (constructed) crime. This is called premeditated murder, and the ones participating are murderers. Gang stalking is also called organized stalking but it is better to call it organized murder.

A very limited list of gang stalking a.k.a. organized stalking methods:

– Sleep deprivation day-by-day, social isolation

– Always surrounded, never alone, no privacy

– Neighbor stalking, rude behaviour from random people

– Workplace mobbing, breaking friendships

– Character assasination, rumours spread

– Feedback about conversations nobody can know

– Honking horn, shoving chairs, bouncing ball, shoes with high heels

– Receive phone calls, emails (popup/sound), SMSs at specific moments

– Pidgeon cooing, crow screaming, dog barking on/off

– Central heating, deepfreeze on/off

– Ticking against central heating components

– Coughing, slamming door, leaking tap

– Neighbor toilet visit, flushing

– Stagnating DVD-player, game console

– Plock sound from water heater, tv set, roof

– TV, radio program interference, manipulation, coughing

– Black cats crosssing

– Alarm sounds in shops, articles sold out

– Other shop counter opens while waiting

– Get wrong or defective articles

– Blocking traffic, traffic at every corner

– Empty battery, traffic jams, at important moments

– Constructed car accidents, empty highway

– Police and hospital, funeral cars around you

– Blinding headlights, cars with one headlight, rearlight

– Stones against car front window, sigaret buts

– Open doors of home/car, bird droppings on windows

– Delight in your suffering, damage to belongings

– Drilling at neighbors and everywhere you go

– Neighbor going up and down stairs all the time

– Throwing sounds, saw machines outside

– Synchronized passing, women with baby wagons

Many people experience some of the above once or a few times. The victims of these crimes experience this day-by-day, 24/7. Many events are synchronized to the victim movements. Often also electronic weapons are used e.g. to prevent sleep, create plock sounds or Synthetic Telepathy.

Please, Could you add more Gang Stalking methods to this list?


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