World’s Worst Police Sketch Leads to Arrest

A police sketch dubbed the ‘worst ever’ has amazingly led to an arrest.

Spot the difference: Glenn Rundles (right) from Texas was tracked down and arrested with the use of this handy police sketch (left) (Picture: Lamar County Sheriff’s Dept)

Glenn Rundles from Paris, Texas was arrested on Tuesday after a patrolman from the local sheriff’s department claimed he recognised the man from the cartoon-like depiction.

Lamar County Sheriff’s Department had released the picture last week in the hope’s of tracking down the mugging suspect and it received lots of publicity… but for all the wrong reasons.

The image went viral, sparking hilarity and outrage among social media users and online news sites with many claiming it was the worst police sketch ever.

Cops said the image of the criminal had been sketched by an experienced police artist with the use of descriptions from two victims and claimed it was a ‘composite sketch’ rather than a likeness.

But it is the police who have had the last laugh as Mr Rundles was charged with aggravated robbery and a host of other crimes including indecent exposure, burglary of a habitation, criminal mischief and evading arrest.

This begs the question – would he have ever been found without the use of this sketch?

Via: Metro


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